April 30th, 2020 Update:

The Provincial Government unveiled their plans today for “Life with COVID-19” in our province. Restrictions will be lifted slowly within an "Alert Level" set-up. Currently we sit at Alert Level 5 with all our current Public Health Restrictions. On May 11th we move to "Level 4", and will move down the levels every 28 days there-after based solely on the case load. Government has stated that they can go back up the levels at any time and bring restrictions back into place if the situation around case loads find it necessary.

So what does this mean for camping?

Level 4 (Starts May 11th) states - Campsites remain closed.

At Level 3 (approx June 8th in perfect case conditions) - Campsites are permitted to open for day use only, with restrictions on public spaces.

At Level 2 (approx July 6th, again based on perfect case conditions) - Campsites are permitted to offer overnight stays with some restrictions in place for public spaces.

These dates of course are not set in stone and could change based on the cases of COVID-19 in the province and if there is a surge in cases that threaten to overwhelm the healthcare system. But at least we now have a time-line to draw from on when camping season can begin. We will update regularly as we move through the Levels.

For anyone who'd like more information on the changes to restrictions on each level, visit


May 1st, 2020 Update - Seasonal Campers

After having a few hours to digest the most recent COVID-19 update we are updating you on the plan based on what we have in front of us currently. Remember this is a very volatile virus we are dealing with and there could be 5 other plans before all this is said and done. Knowing this, we will make changes as need be.

The good news is we are going to be have a Camping Season, albeit later than normal. Whereas normally May 9th weekend was early setup weekend, actual camping would of started for 95% of campers on the May Long weekend, that being the weekend of May 15th to 18th. We have decided we will replace lost days in May by staying open until Oct 15th which will take care of Thanksgiving Weekend. Now based on the latest report for re-opening we are still losing the Month of June from our season. We still have some hope that if all goes well with the virus over the next 28 days the July date could be looked at again. (Just my personal opinion)

If you lose a month of camping your seasonal fees will be adjusted to reflect this. We don't need to get in to dollar amounts at this time because it's a moving target and we could discuss amounts now and have to adjust later. Trust us our campers will be treated fairly at the end of the day. This will be a very challenging camping season for Jessie and I, but we have no intentions of passing any of our hardships on to you, our campers, that have contributed to our success over the past 12 years.

Thank You, Stay Safe and be Careful who you chose to Double Bubble with.

Ivan & Jessie Hapgood
Owners Jack's Pond Park